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Duke of Norfolk CE Primary School


    Welcome to the Duke of Norfolk School website


We hope you will easily find all the information that you are looking for.


Check the Calendar for all the important dates in the school term or have a look on the Class Pages to see what the children have been up to. Information on School Lunches, Uniform, Staff, Term Dates, School Polices and much more can be found in the 'Newsletter and Information' menu. 


If there is anything you need to know and you can't find on the website please call the School Office on 01457 852635.



Important Information for Parents (most recent)


Doors Closing

Please note that all doors leading into classrooms and cloakrooms will be shut promptly at 9.00 am.  If any child arrives any later than this they will need to come into school via the main entrance where the school office is.




Breakfast Club

Just to let you know that our Breakfast Club is now running smoothly.  Many of you won’t have realised that despite booking an outside company for this, we were let down with 24 hours notice.  Duke of Norfolk staff very kindly stepped in and have now established a nice little club with activities starting from 7.30am.  I would like to thank them on the school’s behalf.  They will continue to run this club for us I am pleased to say.​


Pupil Contact Details

Please remember to let school know if you change any of your contact details so that we can keep our records up to date.  




Turning Circle

Please can we remind all the drivers who drop children off, or pick them up by car, that the turning circle on Royle Avenue should not be used for parking.  We would ask our families to ensure any friends or family that also pick up are reminded of this.  By keeping this area clear we can ensure a smoother flow of traffic and then less stress for other drivers and local residents.  Thank you for your cooperation.



Returning to School After Sickness

May we remind families that it is sometimes wise to keep a child home for 24 hours after they have been sick if their sickness has gone alongside other symptoms.  Of course if you are sure your child has returned to full health we encourage you to bring them back as soon as you can.  Thank you for your understanding.


 Cost of School Dinners

From September Derbyshire County Council has increased the cost of a school meal to £2.  If you would like to pay for your child’s school meals for the term in advance, the amount due from Tuesday 3rd November 2015 to Friday 18th December 2015 is £68.  Please make cheques for school meals payable to Derbyshire County Council.



E Safety


Public WiFi is really useful when you are out and about but it is generally unfiltered; you, your children or your granny could access all sorts of inappropriate material. Next time you need a public WiFi network look out for the brightly coloured logo of 'Friendly WiFi'.  Friendly WiFi is filtered WiFi, making it a safer option for everyone.





For more information and news, please click on the sub-menus of the Home menu above.



House Points at Thursday 19th November 2015



















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